as an award-winning art director, and later on, creative director, nick frank was responsible for the visual presentation of advertising campaigns for 15 years. he switched sides in 2010, focusing on expressing his ideas in his own pictures. this change marked a strong start in a new direction for nick.

his photography is based on reduction. when he approaches an object with the camera in front of his eyes, all of a sudden a world opens up. nick removes unwanted distractions from this world and distills the essence of what he wants the viewer to see into a more simple, graphic image.

understanding creative requirements and the need behind the is one thing; to feel and breathe life into it is the other. nick offers his clients a symbiosis of creativity and analytical thinking that meets both criteria . he is unique as a team player who excels in interacting with clients and creatives, as well as proposing creative solutions himself when necessary. these abilities have led to many fruitful collaborations - for instance, for wired, architectural digest, and spiegel, among others.


2016 international photograpy awards - 2x honorable mention
2016 bff - merit
2015 kwerfeldein - third place
2014 sony world photo awards – nominated
2014 annual multimedia award – silver
2014 marcom – platinum
2014 crea – best website
2014 dma – bronze
2013/2014 hipa – finalist
2013 felix schoeller award – nominated
2013 annual architectural award – winner
2012 the one show – 2x merit
deutscher preis fuer onlinekommunikation - 2x gold, best in show
2012 best of social media award – shortlist
2011 w3 award – 2x gold, 7x silver
eurobest – 2x shortlist
2011 annual multimedia award – silver
2011 goldbach award – shortlist
2009 w3 award – 2x silver
2008 webby awar – best home/welcome page


2016 space & beyond - photokina @ bff
2016 subways - photokina @ pentax
2016 various - red bull "dein viertel, deine leinwand" munich
2015 bff wild card hamburg/stuttgart/düsseldorf
2014 mixed portfolio – stroke art fair
mini 21 – hipa dubai
2014 subways – somerset house london
2014 memories – nugloss frankfurt
2013 subways – praterinsel
2013 subways – sauter


binnberg architekten
goldman sachs
h2m architekten
henning larsen architects
j.r. reynolds
manufaktur fuer gestaltung
meter corp.
mind architects
stadtwerke muenchen
wiener linien


havas worldwide
kodiak markenkommunikation
mccann erickson
st. elmos
territory webguerillas


wired magazine


2016 ad "for euroboden"
2016 obras "portfolio"
2016 home & design trends "portfolio"
2015 lufthansa magazine "subways"
2015 volk verlag "habitat - das olympische dorf in münchen"
2015 sueddeutsche zeitung "habitat"
2015 the new york times "subways"
2015 speech: "subways"
2014 profifoto “subways”
2014 brand “subways”
2014 baumeister “concrete canyons”
2014 baumeister “subways”
2014 better photography “mira”
2014 practical photography “mira”
2013 elle “memories”
2013 wired “subways”
2013 page “subways”
2013 spiegel “subways”
2013 stern “subways”
2013 hessischer rundfunk “subways”
2013 deutschlandwelle “subways”
2013 munich magazine “various”
2013 yahoo “subways”
2013 msn “subways”
2013 passport “various”
2013 design bureau “various”
2013 urbanland “subways”

Nick Frank

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